Friday, February 13, 2009


Sorry to all of you have been checking my blog! I have been meaning to update for a long time. To catch you all up to speed, I finished my Peace Corps service November 26. I had one job interview at the American Language Center, then went home to Minnesota for a month. I had a wonderful time home, relaxing and enjoying time with my family and friends. Then, the first week of January I came back to Morocco, but this time instead of my Peace Corps village, I found a new home in Rabat.

My first day back I got a job offer from the American Language Center and started teaching English part-time there. A few days later and my sister Megan arrived for a month-long stay. We had some bad luck with illness and constant rain, but we had a good time in Rabat and managed to take a quick side-trip to Barcelona for a week. Check out Megan's flickr site for pictures of our trip: While Megan was here, I found a second job teaching English and started part-time there as well.

Today I was offered a full-time teaching position at the American Language Center starting next term. The term now will end March 22. Currently, I'm working there Sundays and the other place part-time throughout the week. I'm so happy to have found a full-time job!

I'm thinking about moving to an apartment that is closer to the city center. Right now, my place is about a 30 minute walk to the ALC and it'd be easier to live closer. I've paid rent at this apartment through the end of March, so if I do move it won't be until then.

In other news, I'm adjusting to living alone again. I got used to having Megan around for so long! And, living in a new place can be a little lonely at first, especially in a big city. I'm trying to make some new friends. But luckily, my friends from home Jackie and Jana will be arriving here in two weeks! I'm really excited that I have two friends visiting at the same time!

From now on, I'm going to try and update more often!


B said...

I'd wondered whether you were going to keep blogging! Congrats on the full-time job -- that's great news. Hope you find a new home you really like ... keep in touch and visit anytime!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear what is going on. We had been checking your blog, but nothing there. Had almost given up, thought maybe only there for peace corp stuff.

Congrats on the full-time job.

have you read The Faith Club. I would be interested in how you feel the Islam representation is in comparison to life there in Morocco.

Stay safe. Fondly, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a happy birthday. I thought of you.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Hope you had a good birthday. Did anyone make you a special dessert wtih candles?
Waiting for an update.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for report on your birthday celebration.

Barb in Tulsa