Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dar Chebab Party

Four pizzas, three bottles of pop, one chocolate cake, and I'm pooped! Tonight I had a small party for my dar chebab boys at my house. I made pizza and the boys ate, danced, and played games. It was mostly just laughing and having a good time, but at the end a few of them got a little teary-eyed when we said our goodbyes. I'm really going to miss those boys. They were fun to work with and became my good friends. I'm pretty tired now and a little sad, so I won't write much more, but check out the new photos on flickr.


Sara said...

loved the pics. hope your goodbyes aren't too hard jenny, you'll be back in morocco before you know it ;)
two more weeks til the u.s.!
love you!

Anonymous said...

It is always tough to say good bye, that is why when we leave a place it is never good bye, but see you soon. Doesnt' mean there aren't tears, but it doesn't sound like forever.

Have a safe journey home.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey back to the States.

Love Barb & Mike

Anonymous said...

hi jenny I am hamid from agadir I melt you in camp 2007 I came with daniel. really you were a friendly people and after dan goes we felt sad,but that is the role of the life missin and tears .......
I whish you nice life and live each moment happy